Richard Groenewald – How to Choose the Best Strings For Your Game

Richard's Session Is Available Until Monday, April 25 @ 9AM EDT


How to Choose the Best Strings For Your Game

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Richard will help you navigate the world of tennis strings so that you can select the right one for your game. If the plethora of different gauges, materials, and colors leaves you wondering what strings you should get, don't miss this session! Richard is Signum Pro’s USA LLC National Sales Manager and the CEO of Genesis tennis strings. He began playing tennis when he was 12 and started in the tennis business at the age of 15, selling tennis strings and racquets locally. Richard is a former ITF top-150 ranked singles player and became the distributor for Genesis, Signum Pro, Medspec, Topspin, Polyfibre and Polystar in México. By 2016, he took over the distribution for Signum Pro in the US, and in 2017 purchased Genesis from the founders of the brand.

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