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How to Beat Every Type of Playing Style with Marc Sophoulis

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Marc is the Head Coach at Melbourne International Tennis School (MITS) in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently coaching several professional tennis players, including Anastasia Rodionova, Arina Rodionova, Dane Propoggia, and Victor Hanescu, and has also worked with Sabine Lisicki, Zuang Shaui, and Di Wu.  Marc is also Head Coach of Maribyrnong Sports Academy Tennis Program, which is Australia's No. 1 Tennis School.

In 2013, Marc was a finalist for the Talent Development Coach of the Year (John Newcombe Medal). Along with mentors Michael Baroch and Dean Bleazby,  Under Marc's leadership, Maribyrnong College won the "Most Outstanding Tennis School", an award selected by Tennis Australia.

In 2011, Marc was voted the Rising Star Coach of the Year.  Marc also currently works with the following ITF players: Olivia Hauger, Nicholas Opasinov, Peta Valos, Stefan Skadarka, Nicholas Cipri, and Katerina Valos. In addition to Marc's extensive coaching experience, he is also an Assistant Coach for Richmond FC VFL and has done commentary for SEN Radio.

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